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Why we do it

Inductie laden, wireless charging for eBikes, the charge tile, de laad tegel - electrische fiets

  We believe a sustainable growth of light electric vehicles is paired with an impeccable infrastructure.

So everybody can have a seamless travel experience without impacting the environment. 

How we are doing it


The first charging Tile that charges your eBike or any other light electric vehicle via the kick stand.   

 The magnetic field generated by the tile to is guided via the kickstand to charge the battery.  

Maybe perfect for you


If you are a light electric corporate fleet, e-Bike manufacturer or government eMobility department, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Works on 95% of e-Bikes and are working to retrofit for cargo and  the handicapped market.

Some of the Benifits

User Experience

  It's based on a park, charge and go experience, providing its users a fast and happy fueling experience. No need for an adaptor!

Range Anxiety

  Designed for a mass-role out to be placed on strategic locations in a city, campus, office parks and your local coffee company.

Keep it organized

 Place bicycles in cities in a structured way. Less inconvenience due to bicycles lying around. 

Vandalism Resistant

  The tile is mounted in the ground and is made of robust materials that limit the chances of acting vandalism. No tripping over wires.


  Using power transfer by means of magnetic coupling have their entire electric circuits sealed from moisture. No need for wires that can break or fail due to corrosion.

City scape

  The tile is placed in the ground providing a minimal impact to the cityscape. It could coexist with existing locking mechanisms or bike racks if required.

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